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Aged Care Reform Campaign – Aged Care Weekly reports on a new grass roots campaign for Aged Care Reform called Aged Care Reform – A Community Campaign.

You can support the campaign by signing a petition here :-

“I did not start out seeking Aged Care Reform. In fact, when I told people that I wanted to pursue a career in aged care, I usually got quite similar responses across the board.

“My Mum/Dad is in a nursing home. The staff are always so busy!”

“Mum won’t let me complain but…”

“I’d rather die than ever go into a nursing home.” 

When I began to study for my Diploma of Nursing, on our very first day at TAFE, our lecturer asked us all where we saw ourselves as future nurses.

I said aged care, of course.

I told all my friends that one day I would own a nursing home. I was already planning my post-diploma study path in geriatric nursing – aged care was where I wanted to be.

Fast Forward

Fast forward three years, and I don’t work in aged care. After a decade of working as a community personal care and disability support worker, I am now an Enrolled Nurse working in acute care.

I was rapt when I secured a job as a personal care worker while I was a nursing student on my work placement in a residential facility. You couldn’t wipe the smile off of my face! I hoped it would lead to future opportunities to work as an aged care nurse.


However, I lasted just eleven short months before I was sitting in my car outside work, crying and not wanting to go inside before my shift. I didn’t sleep. In fact, I was anxious and jumpy. I was short-tempered and stressed at home because I couldn’t be at work – at least not in front of my residents. My colleagues and I vented and leaned on one another constantly, but it was still like working in a pressure cooker full of stress, about to explode. There was no one particular reason that it was like that – there was a pile of problems, and there was no one to fix them.”

Read the full story here:-

You can support the campaign by signing a petition here :-

Aged Care Reform Campaign – Website –

Aged Care Reform Campaign

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