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Prisoners Fed Better than Aged

Prisoners Fed Better than Aged reports –

“Prisoners fed better than Aussies in aged care homes.

GUINEA pigs have better meals than these Aussies, says a leading medical chief, after shocking new data shows they are being fed on just $6 a day.

AUSTRALIAN pensioners are fed on just $6 a day, according to shocking new statistics which the AMA president has called a “national disgrace”.

The “wholly inadequate’’ sum of money is less than Australian prisoners get for their meals and medical chief Michael Gannon says more money is spent on his guinea pigs’ food.

“My children’s guinea pigs get fresh ingredients and more money spent on them,’’ AMA President, Mr Gannon told the Courier-Mail. “It’s a national disgrace the way we treat our aged.”

The study, written by Bond University dietitian Cherie Hugo and accountants Stewart Brown, shows that, despite aged care homes reaping in $1 billion in profits last year, they spent $6.08 per resident, on average, to provide three meals a day.

It also shows that prisons spend an average of $8.25 per prisoner per day on food.

The research study, which was based on the financial reports from 817 aged care providers for 64,256 residents, states that half of these residents suffer from malnutrition.

It found that nursing homes cut spending on food by 30 cents per resident last year.

Read the full story here :- Prisoners fed better than Aussies in aged care homes

Prisoners Fed Better than Aged ”

Prisoners Fed Better than Aged

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