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Older Victorians Can’t Wait

Older Victorians Can’t Wait.

Victorian Retirement Village advocacy groups, COTAConsumer ActionHAAGRRVV  are beginning to mount their campaign for Retirement Village reforms in this Victorian election year.

Victoria Votes 2018- Retirement Housing Matters – Make it fair and affordable.

The Older Victorians Can’t Wait objective is retirement village living that is Safe, Affordable, Fair.

The released brochure states:-

“Behind the glossy brochures and satisfaction surveys, unscrupulous retirement housing operators hide a dirty secret: they are making a fortune from residents’ nest eggs.”

“Retirement villages, residential parks and independent living units provide a critical housing option for
over-55s across Victoria. They allow older Victorians to down-size, freeing up housing for younger
families. They also provide social connectivity to thousands of people as they exit the workforce.
However, the promise of a happy retirement can be destroyed by serious gaps in our consumer
protection and access to justice framework.

Legislators have an obligation to prevent financial exploitation, raise retirement housing industry
standards, and provide access to justice for Victoria’s retirees. Without structural reform now, the
systemic problems we already have will worsen – leaving many senior Victorians and their families
caught out by unfair contracts, and unable to resolve their disputes. A robust consumer protection and
dispute resolution framework would improve trust and confidence in the sector, and foster growth and
positive innovation. These principles are complementary, rather than contradictory.

Our organisations deliver services to members and the Victorian community, advocate for change, and
provide policy advice to legislators and policy makers. We are speaking out because of the significant
financial and personal costs borne by residents and their families every day.

We have identified the big challenges for Victorian retirement housing residents as the starting point
for urgently needed reform: access to justice through fast, free and fair dispute resolution; training and
accreditation; and fixing excessive fees and complex contracts. These practical solutions will improve
daily life for thousands of Victorians living in retirement housing. We need your commitment to
implement these essential reforms.”

See original campaign release here:- Retirement Housing Reforms Demanded

Older Victorians Can’t Wait.

Older Victorians Can't Wait

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