Hearing Loss & Smoke Alarms

Hearing Loss & Smoke Alarms

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“If you have a hearing impairment, there’s an essential question you need to ask yourself:

Can I hear the smoke alarm if I’m not wearing my hearing aids?

Thankfully, there are specialised smoke alarms available which can, in addition to their normal function, send a wireless signal to a bedside alert system designed to wake a hearing impaired sleeper via a bright flashing light and bed shaker. Unfortunately, these specially designed alarms can cost up to $500 each.

To offset the high cost of this specialised equipment for those who cannot hear a standard smoke alarm, most state governments have a subsidy scheme. Get in touch with your relevant society.

New South Wales – The Deaf Society of NSW

Victoria – Vicdeaf

Queensland – Deaf Services Queensland

South Australia – Guide Dogs SA.NT

Tasmania – Tasdeaf/Hearing Link

Western Australia – Independent Living Centre for WA Inc

It is a legal responsibility of all owners and landlords to install working smoke alarms.”

Full story here:-

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Hearing Loss and Smoke Alarms

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